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Visibility campaign FAQ

What if I do not have an account on IPN?
You can create your account by signing up
. Please fill in all the details so that you have a 100% profile completion.

2. Why should I have a 100% organisation profile completion?
A 100% profile completion on the platform is important for our team to conduct a quick due diligence to ensure credibility of the organisations

3. Why is there an interest form if I am already providing so much information through my 100% profile completion?
The interest form will capture key program details that we will use to showcase the work of your organisation on the platform. It will also cover consent to publish your information and ask you to confirm the accuracy of the data you have shared.

4. Is there a limit to the number of organisation who will be featured?
Yes a maximum of 4 organisations will be spotlighted in one month. In case multiple organisations who register, selection will take place on a first come first serve basis.

5. What will happen once I register through the interest form?
Post registration, the IPN team will look into your form to check if you fit the criteria and if there is accuracy of the program data shared through the form. A quick due diligence will also be conducted based on the IPN profile. This process will take a week’s time.

6. How will I know if my organisation is selected for the visibility series?
Once you fill out the registration form, all further communication will be done via the email ID provided on the form.

7. Across which all channels will my program details be showcased?
The NGO spotlight page will be shared on IPN and Sattva social media for larger visibility which will be viewed by the general public, peer organisations as well as potential donors. Organisations who are featured will be tagged on the social media post are strongly encouraged to share it on their handles as well. It will also be circulated within Sattva donors and donor teams for their reference.

8. Can I refer any other organisation?
Yes, you can write to us at ipn@indiapartnernetwork.co.in and share your suggestions and references.
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