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FAQ- Data Maturity Assessment Survey

What is the purpose of the survey?
The survey seeks to build a deeper understanding of the current state of data readiness of SPOs encompassing an organization's knowledge, capabilities, and willingness regarding data use. The endeavour also aims to understand the underlying reasons and barriers (if any) that hinder SPOs from scientifically using data to drive strategies, operations, and impact.
When is this survey scheduled to take place?
This survey is scheduled to take place between June 7th and August 31st, 2024. You will be contacted in advance to schedule an appointment for the survey.
Who can take part in the survey?
Any non-profit (registered as society, trust, section – 8 company, or a voluntary organisation) implementing organizations can participate in the survey.
Who should be the respondent for the survey?
A senior management team member or program head who actively utilises data as an end user, and/ or a senior team member responsible for managing data and technology within the organisation.
How much time is required to complete the survey?
The survey is expected to take approximately 30-45 minutes.
What is the survey method?
The survey will be conducted in a telephonic mode. The questionnaire will be shared with the participant in advance, to make efficient use of time.
Will the information provided in the survey be made publicly available?
Complete privacy and confidentiality will be maintained. Your name and other identifying information will never be disclosed at any stage of the assessment and the study.
Is there a fee to participate in the survey?
No. The survey, as well as any reports generated after the survey, will be available to you free of cost.
What are the benefits of participating in the survey?
You will receive a customised report. This will give you clear understanding of your organisation’s data readiness and offer you the opportunity to leverage solutions & resources for planning, prioritising, and strengthening your internal data use. You will also have the opportunity to participate in an invite-only, curated Masterclass series and, as well as exclusive workshops by eminent data experts.
Also, the results of the survey will help in developing a free ‘Data Maturity Assessment Toolkit’, through which your organisation and others in the sector can evaluate your internal data maturity instantly at any time.
When can we expect access to the toolkit?
The CDSSI self-assessment Data Maturity Toolkit will be Launched in November 2024. You will receive access as soon as it is launched.
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