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Fundraising Alert: Enabling large scale impact in Skilling the youth of the nation

What is the minimum requirement to register on IPN?
What is the RFP application process for the NGO/Training partners?
Step 1: Sign up on the India Partner Network (IPN) platform - https://indiapartnernetwork.org/registration
It is compulsory for all organisations to register on the IPN platform in order to access the RFP application form. Please note that the NGO/Training partner who are already part of IPN can directly register for the RfP using the link in Step 2.
Step 2: Once you have signed up on IPN, please refer back to this email and click on the link below to register for the closed RfP. Please not that the link should not be shared with any other organisation - https://indiapartnernetwork.org/event-details/9f81e907-4803-42bc-87f6-d7dc7bf008d9
Step 3: Post registration for the closed RfP, a confirmation email will be shared on the registered email id (used for the RfP registration) consisting of a link to the RfP. All NGO/Training partners are required to fill the documents and submit them within the stipulated timeframe. Please note that the documents requested in the RfP are to be shared via Google drive and each file is to be hyperlinked individually.
Step 4: Once the required information has been updated in the RfP document and excel sheet, the NGO/Training partner is expected to confirm the same with us via email. In case an organisation does not use Google drive, please share the required documents as attachments to the email thread where the RfP folder was shared.

What will be the duration of the engagement?
The proposed partnership with the Infosys Foundation is for a maximum period of 1+3 years (as is for an ‘Ongoing CSR project’). Each applicant is required to submit year-wise activities for the mentioned duration.
An extension of the engagement would be based on the performance and delivery in the first phase of the engagement.
How can NGO/Training partner/Training partners partners find out about the status of the application?
The updates on the status of the application will be provided to the email ID used by the NGO/Training partners to register for the RFP application. The process for effective evaluation of proposals will require a few weeks and the team will be in contact with you for updates. We appreciate your patience in this regard.
Will NGO/Training partners be able to change the details of the application post-submission?
No. NGO/Training partners will be allowed to register for the RFP application only once. It is advised for the NGO/Training partners to thoroughly check every section of the application prior to submission.
Can the NGO/Training partners register for more than one proposal?
Yes. NGO/Training partner/Training partners partners can submit more than one proposal for interventions. However, the preferred geographies for implementation are: Chandigarh, Delhi, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, West Bengal. Proposals covering multiple geographies will be prioritized.
What are the eligibility criteria for NGO/Training partner/Training partnerss to apply?
Partners have to train a minimum of 5000 beneficiaries.
Target sector: STEM/Non-STEM courses with preference given to STEM related courses
Final year college students (preferred)
Unemployed youth (passed out of college)
Have the project timelines been determined for the project?
The NGO/Training partner/Training partners is expected to begin project implementation by September 2024 until 31st March 2025 (for the first year, 2nd year will start from April 2025 to March 2026, 3rd year will be April 2026 to March 2027)
What is the grant size?
The Per beneficiary cost will be a maximum of Rs. 4000 (Including all overhead costs) and the grant size will vary according to the scale of beneficiaries to be covered.
While sharing information related to past funders, can NGO/Training partners share information of non CSR funders?
Yes, in the event that the NGO/Training partners has not received CSR funding for the last 3 years, information related to non-CSR funders can be included too.
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