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FAQ- Anaha Trust RFP

Checklist for the NGOs to submit the RFP application.
Sign up on the India Partner Network (IPN) platform. NGO partners can log in if already registered.
Upload the RFP in the registrations form under document upload question
Submit the RFP application for consideration by clicking on the “Register” button
Can the NGO partners register for more than 1 proposals?
Yes. In case an NGO has more than 1 proposal to share, please club them all in 1 document together and upload them.
Overall process of selection and tentative timelines:
Round 1: - 29th April - 7th May 2024 - All submitted proposals will be checked for qualification based on focus area and geography match.
Round 2: 8th May - 17th May 2024 - Shortlisting of proposals will be done based on the solutions and programs proposed and the organizations' expertise
Round 3: 20th May - 4th June 2024 - Organizations whose proposals are shortlisted will be called for a due diligence check
Round 4: 11th June - 21st June 2024 - The proposals of all organizations that pass due-diligence check will be further scrutinized and the partners may be asked to present their work to Sattva and Anaha
Round 5: 24th June onwards - Onboarding of partners.
4. Will NGO partners be able to change the details of the application post-submission?
NGO partners will be allowed to register for the RFP application only once. It is advised for the NGO POC to thoroughly check every section of the application prior to submitting

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