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Identifying essential data - Masterclass FAQs

How many people from an organisation can sign up?
Given the topic is around Identifying essential data, we recommend someone from your M&E or program teams to attend the session. Since there is a limit on the number of registrations, we suggest a maximum of 2 people from your organisation sign up for the masterclass.

What is the process to register for the masterclass?
Please follow the steps mentioned below to successfully register for the masterclass:
Login/Sign up on IPN
Visit the Masterclass page and click on the register button
Fill up the required details in the registration form. Scan the QR code to make the payment and upload a screenshot of the payment confirmation in the form.
You will receive an email once your registration is successful

What if I am unable to attend the session after payment? Will I get a refund?What if I am unable to attend the session after payment? Will I get a refund?
We strongly encourage you to attend the session in case the payment is complete. However, due to genuine reason you are unable to attend the session, we will process the refund (Please note that we will accept refunds for emergency cases only)

What if my payment is stuck and I’m unable to generate a screenshot of the payment?
In case your payment is stuck, we request you to pause on the registration. If the money is eventually debited, please take a screenshot and upload the same on the form. In case your money is not debited, please re-register for the session.

In case of any queries, please write to us at
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