Funding Alert: CSR RFP Submissions Invited!: Frequently Asked Questions

Checklist for the NGOs to submit the RFP application.
Sign up on the India Partner Network (IPN) platform. NGO partners can log in if already registered.
Fill in the Organisation Profile sections “Basic” and “Compliance”. It is mandatory for the NGO partner to add details in the Basic and Compliance sections (and reach a 100% Profile Completion state) to access the RFP application form
Fill in the project-specific details which are a part of the RFP application form
Attach the RFP Supporting Excel document to the application before submitting it. The template of the Excel document is provided as a link in the RFP form window
Submit the RFP application for consideration by clicking on the “Register” button
How does one go about filling out the RFP Supporting Excel document?
The RFP Supporting Excel document captures the instructions for each task. Do refer to the details before filling out the sections
What will be the duration of the engagement?
The proposed partnership with the Corporate client is for 2 years. However, an extension of the engagement for the 2nd year would be based on the performance and delivery in 1st year
How can NGO partners find out about the status of the application?
The updates on the status of the application will be provided to the email ID used by the NGO POC to register for the RFP application. The process for effective evaluation of the proposal is time-consuming and the team will be in contact with you for updates. We appreciate your patience in this regard.
Will NGO partners be able to change the details of the application post-submission?
NGO partners will be allowed to register for the RFP application only once. It is advised for the NGO POC to thoroughly check every section of the application prior to submitting
Can the NGO partners register for more than 1 thematic area of the proposal?
NGO partners can apply for more than one thematic area. However, the second application for a program intervention in another thematic area will have to be made with a different email ID. POCs will be able to do so by registering with the new email ID on the IPN platform. Additionally, please attach the new RFP Supporting Excel Document to the form before submitting the new application

Please refer to to learn more about funding in the India Partner Network (IPN) Platform.
Feel free to reach out to us at for further clarification

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